CBD and Meditation for Better Sleep

Molly Woodhull, the creator and founder of Woodhull Wellness, brings accessible and real mindfulness and compassion-based meditation tools to employees, companies and individuals around the world. Their vision is to increase mental and emotional resilience in all of their clients. Helping them feel like stronger leaders and happier people. They deliver tangible takeaways and want everyone to walk away knowing that they are meditators whether it be MICROMEDITATION™ or sitting practices. To learn more about Woodhull Wellness visit their site here.

Lemon oil is known for its many benefits. Lemon oil can help with depression and anxiety. It helps relieve stress and encourage calm in the body. Lemon oil also helps to promote a healthy immune system and is naturally an antifungal. When I think about the trove lemon essential CBD oil I think about the best evening routine. Lemon CBD oil can help promote calm in the body so that we can sleep soundly. Additionally, Lemon oil helps to stimulate the immune system which promotes effective cleansing and healing while you sleep.

I often drop about 1 mL of the CBD oil under my tongue or in some lemon water in the evening. As you sit and sip on this CBD lemon oil, allow yourself to breathe with intention. Inhale and repeat the words " peace begins with me". Exhale and repeat the words "peace begins with me". Feel into this fundamental truth that peace begins with you. Allow your body, heart and mind to feel into this fundamental truth so that you can fall asleep at ease. It is so important to remind ourselves of this as our lives are often busy and overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel as though our happiness depends upon the outcomes in our life. But through meditation and thousands of years of research we have learned that peace really begins within your own body, heart and mind. The other great stuff that happens around us is just the cherry on top!