Inspired by Star’s story, Trove LLC co-founders, Deborah Carter and Samuel Carter set about to investigate, assess, and document results of CBD trials in people, horses, dogs, and cats. The results were overwhelmingly positive, nearly immediate, and supportive of widespread reports of the benefits of appropriate CBD delivery in promoting calm and addressing soreness, as well as supporting nervous/immune/GI/musculoskeletal systems. Additional benefits of CBD continue to be revealed as momentum builds, awareness grows, and formal clinical trials are sanctioned.

Trove LLC is collaborating with health practitioners, veterinarians, and other individuals and organizations to help broaden the understanding and realize the promise of CBD as a desirable alternative for improved comfort and well-being. A portion of the proceeds of every sale of Trove products is earmarked to help fund studies to explore, determine and define the most effective uses, dosages, and administration options of CBD. We invite you to explore Trove’s website, shop Trove products, and experience the benefits of Trove CBD.



Star was a breathtaking 3-year-old palomino filly destined for a performance career or a life where she simply could realize her inner “Barbie Dream Horse” self — either way, a promising future. But on the way to her destiny, Star started exhibiting a baffling neuromuscular condition, presenting with involuntary and uncontrollable superficial muscle fasciculations, the increasing frequency and severity of which caused this once affectionate filly to become a danger to herself and to her caregivers. 

In an attempt to help her horse, Trove LLC co-founder Deborah Carter exhausted all veterinary diagnostic and traditional and alternative treatment options, spending untold hours and thousands of dollars with no resolution. With the veterinarians out of ideas, Deborah feared that, absent a miracle, she would have to euthanize her young horse.


Star, the Carters' horse that inspired Trove CBD.

After much investigation revealing positive anecdotes but sorely few hard facts, and with the blessings and hopeful expectancy of Star’s treating veterinarians, Deborah decided to institute her own trial of oral CBD as an alternative and final effort to save Star. The results were nearly immediate, and Star made a dramatic turn for the better.  After months of a carefully monitored CBD regimen with decreasing dosage over time, Star continues today at age 6, without CBD or any other medication, to show no visible signs of her previous neuromuscular condition.


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