Advancing the Science of CBD



Welcome to the Trove Clinical Advisory Board, comprised of professionals in the veterinary and healthcare arena who are committed to enhancing and documenting their experience by utilizing Trove CBD for clinical applications, trials, case studies, and pilot research opportunities. 

Trove Mission:

To help advance and realize the promise of CBD for improved health and wellness of people and animals -- with exceptional products, verified quality, impeccable customer service and a collaborative spirit that serves the best interests of science and the community.

Board Members

Erin K. Contino, MS, DVM, DACVSMR

Dr. Erin Contino is an assistant professor in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation at the Colorado State University (CSU) College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science’s Equine Orthopaedic Research Center. Dr. Contino graduated with a veterinary degree from CSU in 2010 and completed a one-year internship at Pioneer Equine Hospital in California. She then returned to CSU for a three-year residency in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation followed by a one-year fellowship in equine musculoskeletal ultrasound before joining CSU faculty as an assistant professor in equine sports medicine. Her clinical and research interests include diagnosis and treatment of lameness, equine musculoskeletal imaging, diagnostic analgesia, and performance issues in equine athletes. In her free time, Dr. Contino is a passionate and successful competitor in three-day eventing.

Kristin Jamieson, MSPT

Kristin Jamieson is a Physical Therapist and Founder of WIT (Wellness Integration Tools). After obtaining her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Kristin relocated to the Bay Area. It was a love of science that brought her to San Francisco where she worked as a researcher at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center, UCSF Department of Neurology intent on getting a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. After several years in the lab, it became clear that her calling was to work with people. She followed up her undergraduate degree with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences.  Ms. Jamieson returned to the West Coast, and has been practicing Manual Physical Therapy and teaching Pilates since 2003. She founded the company WIT (Wellness Integration Tools) in 2016 with the goal of being able to reach more than one person at a time. Over the years she has developed a method that combines many different areas of study to provide what she believes to be an easily attainable path to wellness. Her mission is to educate people about their bodies and the fascial network, provide tools to unlock awareness and promote healing, and to create a culture of prevention.

Nancy Carr, DVM

Equine veterinarian and owner of Elite Equine Sports Medicine, Dr. Nancy Carr is a graduate of Colorado State University and a mobile equine practitioner specializing in lameness.

Dr. Carr is very interested and involved in the care of both recreational and high-performance horses and believes in kind and compassionate care for all creatures. She strives to continue to explore different ways to improve her knowledge, skill set and level of care.

Dr. Carr enjoys competing in the equine discipline of Three Day Eventing and serves as a delegate veterinarian for both the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and the Fédeération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

We are excited about building this collaboration for the advancement of science, wellness, and specifically CBD. Our vision for the Trove Clinical Advisory Board is multi-faceted:

1. To help familiarize veterinarians and healthcare professionals with the diverse applications and observable results from the use of premium, laboratory-tested hemp-derived CBD products specifically formulated for horses, dogs, cats, and people;

2. To expand the body of validated information about the role, usage, and potential benefits of CBD in animals and people by helping to support investigation, trials, case studies and data collection by providing Trove products, input, and regimen suggestions to veterinarians and healthcare practitioners;

3. To help document observations and results of these investigations and studies and disseminate this information to the public, hopefully providing a basis for further pilot studies and larger scale clinical research into the safety, efficacy, and benefits of CBD for improved health and wellness; and

4. To create a collaborative exchange of information and draw upon the experience of the Trove Clinical Advisory Board members when specific inquiries may be more fully informed by referral to knowledgeable veterinary and healthcare professionals.