Morning Meditations with Woodhull Wellness and Peppermint CBD Oil

Molly Woodhull, the creator and founder of Woodhull Wellness, brings accessible and real mindfulness and compassion-based meditation tools to employees, companies and individuals around the world. Their vision is to increase mental and emotional resilience in all of their clients. Helping them feel like stronger leaders and happier people. They deliver tangible takeaways and want everyone to walk away knowing that they are meditators whether it be MICROMEDITATION™ or sitting practices. To learn more about Woodhull Wellness visit their site here.

Hey everyone! Molly Woodhull here with your mindfulness and meditation guide. Today I want to talk about how we can use our peppermint CBD oil in the best way possible. When I think of peppermint I think of energy. And when I think about meditation and mindfulness there’s an idea that we can feel alert and awake while also  feeling calm, cool and collected. The trove peppermint CBD oil is the perfect resource to help you accomplish this way of being. Peppermint has been proven to promote clear thinking, improved mental focus, increased energy, reduced stress, reduced headaches, and improved gut health. You can see why peppermint CBD oil would be a great addition to your morning routine.

I often put a bit of the  TROVE peppermint CBD oil in warm water in the morning. While I drink this cup of so-called TROVE  peppermint CBD oil tea, I take time to focus on my breath. What we put in our bodies and how we breathe affect the way we feel on a physiological and emotional level. Here’s what you should do...

Find a comfortable spot wherever you might be and if it feels comfortable go ahead and close your eyes. Take an inhale through the nose counting to five as your breathing. Hold at the top of the breath feeling into that sense of fullness. Exhale for a count of five elongating your typical exhale. This breathing pattern is the most productive breath. So you can use it throughout the day even if just for one breath. I called this a micro meditation! At Woodhull Wellness we are all about micro meditations! If you want to increase your energy, increase the pace of your exhale. Continue to inhale for a count of five holding at the top and exhale for a count of four. This will help your body feel awake and alert but also relaxed, calm and grounded.