4 Reasons Why Olympic Equestrian, Steffen Peters, Loves Trove CBD

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Equestrian competition has been part of the Olympic Games since 1912. For nearly one quarter of that time, five-time US Olympian, Steffen Peters, has been at the top of his sport of dressage, including five Olympic Games, three Olympic medals, two World Cup medals, four Pan American Games medals, and countless national and world championships. Add to that, a TEAM SILVER MEDAL in the Tokyo Games!

But a funny thing happened on the "Road to Tokyo 2020." Following the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC, and leading up to the qualifiers for 2020, Steffen started experiencing troubling anxiety about qualifying for yet another Olympics.

Despite a clean bill of physical health, Steffen's quest to attend to his mental health and deal with his crippling anxiety led him to explore all options and ultimately find cannabidiol or CBD.  But not just any CBD. Steffen's status as an Olympic athlete places him under the strict regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that allow CBD -- but explicitly ban THC and other cannabinoids.

In a space where CBD products are proliferating, someone like Steffen needs to know what's really in the bottle. Enter Trove's line of premium CBD products.

1. How Steffen deals with nerves...

With the help of Trove CBD, Steffen was able to calm his mental and physical nerve manifestations, organize his thoughts, and process his awareness of the negative noise.

"With Trove, I found I could 'starve anxiety' and improve my mental focus so that I can better organize my thoughts and dismiss the negativity. Since starting with Trove, I've been able to relax under pressure and, as a result, have had wonderfully focused rides on Mopsie. And the massage oils and the balms seem to work wonders in addressing pain and relieving tension. All are wonderful products! If I'm open about how Trove continues to help me, my hope is that others can benefit, too." - Steffen Peters

2. Out of all the CBD brands, why did Steffen choose Trove?

"I needed a trusted company, one that doesn't just test their products here and there. Trove very specifically tests every single batch. Being in the pool of athletes for the 2020 Games, I file my whereabouts and can be tested any time. It's random. We can't take any risks." - Steffen Peters

Trove CBD products contain pure CBD, extracted from organically-grown USA hemp and are THC free, non GMO, gluten free, and vegetarian. Featuring the highest quality control standards, Trove products are third-party tested to ensure effective concentrations and the absence of contaminants or unwanted cannabinoids.

“We want to get exactly what we’re paying for. Unfortunately, all products are not created equal. At Trove LLC, we are proud of what goes into our products. So we offer full transparency of our analytics process so that you can confidently add Trove products to your and your pet’s supplement regimen.” – Samuel Carter, Trove Co-Founder

Steffan's favorite Trove CBD products

3. At the end of the day, this is what Steffen really cares about...

“I can only tell you that this product works! I am a bit bummed that we can’t use this product for our competing horses anymore, since I thought it had a nice calming effect. But I can tell you that it works!” – Steffen Peters

Unfortunately, CBD is currently not a permitted substance for horses in competition per USEF and FEI. But while we eagerly await a warranted policy change from rule-making bodies, there are many horses outside of the competition arena that may greatly benefit from the diverse positive benefits of Trove Equine CBD products:

  • High anxiety, spooky, distracted, and hypersensitive horses
  • Horses in training, in transit, on stall rest
  • Recovering or rehabbing from injury/surgery
  • Aging or senior horses

In addition, horses that are not competing and would generally benefit from increased calm, focus, exercise recovery, or inflammation/pain relief.

Currently, an increasing number of studies are underway to help investigate and substantiate safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, dosages, and usage applications of CBD -- not only in people, but also in animals, including horses, dogs and cats.

4. How CBD helps Steffan and his horse do what they're meant to do...

"With Trove, I go into the warm-up ring knowing that the horse and I are a little excited going into the main ring. I can calm and organize my thoughts and truly process awareness of negative thoughts. I can tell myself, 'This is what I do, what I love to do, what I'm meant to do.'" - Steffen Peters

Trove was inspired upon witnessing CBD's remarkable effectiveness in resolving a devastating neuromuscular condition of a beloved horse when all traditional and non-traditional means had failed. Further informed by independent trials and investigation, and then artfully assisted by a team of professional and technical advisors, the Trove brand developed and introduced its premium products not only for horses, but also for people, dogs, and cats.

Trove maintains an emphasis on tested quality, effective dosages and formulations, coveted branding, unsurpassed customer service, and a commitment to science and the community. Trove CBD products for people, dogs, cats and horses are available via the company's online store at www.trovecbd.com as well as a growing number of wholesale and retail outlets nationwide.

Trove products are derived from pure CBD, and do not contain any detectable amount of THC (0% THC).

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