Built for Impact Podcast with Trove Part 2 of 2

How CBD Saved This Family Horse Which Then Launched A Family Business

Imagine trying every possible solution to save the pet you love. Our pets are our family and many of us would do almost anything to help them if it meant preventing humane euthanasia and keeping them in our lives.

That’s what led Deborah Carter to using CBD to help her horse, Star, just days before having to euthanize her. Star experienced significant improvement immediately. Today, Star is healthy, sound, and expecting her first foal. Then inspired by Star’s incredible recovery story, Deborah and her son Samuel Carter set about to investigate, assess, and document results of CBD trials in people, horses, dogs, and cats. The results were overwhelmingly positive, nearly immediate, and supportive of widespread reports of the benefits of appropriate CBD delivery in promoting calm and addressing soreness, as well as supporting nervous/immune/GI/musculoskeletal systems. This became the genesis story of Trove CBD.

Today, Trove provides high quality CBD products for people, horses, dogs, and cats. And it is all run by the Carter family. Deborah, Sam, Madison, and Avery each play a crucial, yet different, role in the company. This is Part 1 of a special 2-Part series about Trove, this extraordinary family-owned and operated business.

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