Why five-time Olympian, Steffen Peters, chose Trove for anxiety

Equestrian competition has been part of the Olympic Games since 1912.  For nearly one quarter of that time, five-time US Olympian, Steffen Peters, has been at the top of his sport of dressage, including five Olympic Games, two Olympic medals, two World Cup medals, four Pan American Games medals, and countless national and world championships.  But a funny thing happened on the "Road to Tokyo 2020".  Following the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, NC, and leading up to the qualifiers for 2020, Steffen started experiencing troubling anxiety about qualifying for yet another Olympics.

Photo Credit: Shannon Brinkman

"The pressure of making teams and constantly delivering caused severe anxiety. I didn't understand the anxiety symptoms, and thought I had all kinds of life threatening diseases. I saw many doctors and coaches, and they assured me that I was healthy." -- Steffen Peters

Despite a clean bill of physical health, Steffen's quest to attend to his mental health and deal with his crippling anxiety led him to explore all options and ultimately find cannabidiol or CBD.  But not just any CBD.  Steffen's status as an Olympic athlete places him under the strict regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that allow CBD -- but explicitly ban THC and other cannabinoids. In a space where CBD products for anxiety are proliferating, someone like Steffen needs to know what's really in the bottle. Enter the Trove line of premium anxiety CBD products.

"I needed a trusted company, one that doesn't just test their products here and there.  Trove very specifically tests every single batch.  Being in the pool of athletes for the 2020 Games, I file my whereabouts and can be tested any time.  It's random.  We can't take any risks." -- Steffen Peters

And, with the help of Trove CBD, Steffen was able to calm his mental and physical nerve manifestations, organize his thoughts, and process his awareness of the negative noise.

"With Trove, I found I could 'starve anxiety' and improve my mental focus so that I can better organize my thoughts and dismiss the negativity.  Since starting with Trove, I've been able to relax under pressure and, as a result, have had wonderfully focused rides on Mopsie.  And the massage oils and the balms seem to work wonders in addressing pain and relieving tension. All are wonderful products!  If I'm open about how Trove continues to help me, my hope is that others can benefit, too. " -- Steffen Peters

After a remarkable series of qualifying successes in early 2020, everything was on track for Steffen and Mopsie (AKA Four Winds Farm's "Suppenkasper", Steffen's equine partner contending for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics) to secure a spot to compete on TeamUSA. . .until it wasn't.  As we all know, 2020 derailed everyone's plans, lives, dreams, businesses -- and even the 2020 Olympic Games. 

Fast forward to one year later.  In just a few days, on July 23, 2021, the 2020 Olympic Games will commence.  Sadly, no in-person spectators, but the world will be watching.  And Steffen Peters will be there.  Qualifying yet again at the top of his sport.  And entering the ring in his Fifth Olympic Games.

Photo Credit: Shannon Brinkman

"With Trove, I go into the warm-up ring knowing that the horse and I are a little excited going into the main ring.  I can calm and organize my thoughts and truly process awareness of negative thoughts.  I can tell myself:  this is what I do, what I love to do, what I'm meant to do." -- Steffen Peters

View Steffen sharing his experience with Trove here, and join millions of viewers as they watch coverage of the 2020/2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, including Dressage Team USA:  Steffen Peters, Adrienne Lyle, Sabine Schut-Kery, and Nick Wagman here.

About Trove

Trove CBD products contain pure CBD, extracted from organically grown USA hemp, and are THC free, non GMO, gluten free, and vegetarian.  Featuring the highest quality control standards, Trove products are third party tested to ensure effective concentrations and the absence of contaminants or unwanted cannabinoids.

Says Co-Founder Deborah Carter:

"When we started to realize the profound effects of CBD, we knew we wanted to extend its benefits to people and to animals. Despite the number of options touting the virtues of CBD, we observed an absence of products that were palatable or offered appropriate dosages, tested formulations, and verified contents. We did our homework and set about to change the CBD landscape with Trove."

About Trove LLC

Trove was inspired upon witnessing CBD's remarkable effectiveness in resolving a devastating neuromuscular condition of a beloved horse when all traditional and non-traditional means had failed.  Further informed by independent trials and investigation, and then artfully assisted by a team of professional and technical advisors, the Trove brand developed and introduced its premium products not only for horses, but also for people, dogs, and cats. Trove maintains an emphasis on tested quality, effective dosages and formulations, coveted branding, unsurpassed customer service, and a commitment to science and the community.  Trove products for people, dogs, cats and horses are available via the company's online store at www.trovecbd.com as well as a growing number of wholesale and retail outlets nationwide.

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